Supervised DIY with A/R Workshop in Waxhaw

Have you ever been to an A/R Workshop? If so, you know they’re the destination for do-it-yourself home décor. And the best part is you get to make stuff while drinking wine or craft beer!

If you are like me, you wish you were crafty but you lack the confidence and skills to attempt these projects at home. Not to worry because, for people like us, A/R Workshop is the destination for supervised DIY.

When you think paint-by-number wine night with a farmhouse chic aesthetic, you’ll have the right idea. And depending on the project you pick, you just might get to work with shiplap and power tools. 😀

A/R Workshop co-founder, Maureen Anders, and Waxhaw store manager, Rebecca Blythe taught me how to DIY.

This is a (Wo)man’s World

When I visited company co-founder, Maureen Anders, and Waxhaw store manager, Rebecca Blythe, I knew I was out of my element. But they made me feel right at home. It helps that I’ve been here myself countless times and gotten to know them both.

When I arrived for our interview, I was excited to learn more about the company’s concept and how they have grown over the years. Perhaps selfishly, I also wanted to complete a project myself while filming our interview. 🎨

While I was there, Rebecca helped me create a Charlotte city skyline which now adorns my office bookshelf. Check it out at about the 2-minute mark of the video.

Everyone is welcome at A/R Workshop, and they often host men and women (and children) of all ages at various events. However, their largest audience is women who want to create projects reminiscent of the farmhouse chic aesthetic popularized in recent years by Joanna Gaines. When I was there, there was a children’s clinic taking place.

My DIY A/R Workshop art project and a few more pics and vid.

Small Business Success Her-Story

A/R Workshop began as a single store in Pineville, North Carolina in 2016 and quickly began franchising across the United States.

Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff first met in 2010 and quickly discovered they shared a love of crafting. That led to a successful blog and eventually the business I’m writing abou today! You can read more about their story here.

As a result, there are now approximately 150 stores in 33 states. And now this woman-owned, small business success story from Charlotte in known nationwide.

A/R makes their projects accessible and fun by having an employee who knows what they are doing guide you throughout the process. And that simple concept plays a huge role in their success.

Learn More and Schedule an Outing

When you’re looking for a great night out with friends, a company outing, or date night, A/R Workshop is a great choice.

They’ve also increased their retail and made-for-you business in recent months due to COVID. I’ve used them countless times for personalized closing gifts for my real estate clients and they are always well received.

Learn more about A/R Workshop Waxhaw by watching the video linked into this article.

Additionally, you can follow the Waxhaw shop on Instagram at and visit their website at

Masking up with A/R Workshop Swag!

I really hope you enjoyed this content! You can read about another local small business, Waxhaw Tap House, from “the CLT life presents” series.

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